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Power Transformers

3 phase and power transformers

Power transformers are used to increase or decrease the available line voltage to meet required power for a particular item. Power Transformers are typically constructed using EI laminations, toroid cores, ferrite cores, or cut cores. Power Transformers are the most widely used of all transformers and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; it is important to use a design specific for your needs. Whether the Power Transformer is produced for a power supply, a heater, a pinball machine, a battery charger, an expensive medical device, etc. – an accurately designed Power Transformer will run efficiently, be cost effective, and meet the requirements necessary to power up your product.



With the high demand for power transformers, it is important to find a manufacturer who won’t simply find a design which will work for you, but a design that was made for you. Galaxy Transformers will custom design a power transformer to meet your specifications and needs. Confident with what you’re currently using? Have Galaxy take a look to confirm your design. While the design might be right, the price could be all wrong. Galaxy Transformers prices their parts to help our customers grow their business. Contact Galaxy Transformers today for your power transformer needs.