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Chokes and Inductors

Chokes and Inductors are the same type of magnetic devices, typically a single wound transformer that reduces line voltage without experiencing a large amount of power loss.  You have a variety of types of chokes from Air Core Inductors, Line Reactor Chokes, Harmonic Filter Inductors, Common Mode Chokes, etc.  Some chokes are used as filters for reducing stray harmonics, high frequency electronic noise.  Another example of a choke could be in SCR drives, or a gate drive, to adjust the current provided by the drive control system to the motor.  The largest usage of inductors today would be in high frequency switching power supplies where the inductors are used to minimize the common ripple voltage and current.

Depending on a customer’s application, we can supply a variety of standard and custom chokes and inductors.  While the end product may depend on your frequency range, there are a variety of magnetic designs to choose from.  For example, a high frequency application would use some type of ferrite material.  On the other hand, if the inductor was being used in an audio application, the use of nickel grade lamination may do the trick.  Then there are your mounting requirements for inductors.  Do you need a surface mount, PC mount, a toroidal mount?  As you can see the choices are many so please let us know how we can help you with your Custom Chokes and Inductor requirements.