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All the Custom Coils we wind are made in accordance to a customers design and plans. In most cases a coil form must be tooled. Typically the volume justifies the cost of tooling however, with our China locations and contacts we can easily save our customers money. While many coils are open with just a tape and or varnish finish, there are quite a few that are molded and encapsulated to protect the product from the elements. In some cases due to the high voltages carried in the coils, they are encapsulated as well. There are so many different types of applications where coils are used.  Aerospace, automotive, appliances, telecommunications, lighting industry are just a few.  Some coils are supported on their own using a bondable magnet wire. We refer to these as air coils.  Magnetic locks as well as security systems you see at your local stores may contain air coils.

In most cases, coils are attached to “something”… and to attach these coils to “something”. Therefore you may need harnesses, special terminals and connectors, or leads. These are value added procedures that we handle in volume in an effort to assist our customers in saving money. When your coil arrives from us, all you need is the final assembly, with no worry about spending additional labor prepping your product.

Let Galaxy Transformers review your coil requirements and see where we can save you money. Contact Galaxy Transformers.