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Custom Transformers

The need for custom Transformers is widespread. Custom Transformers provide isolation, an increase or decrease in voltages, a change in currents, match impedances, a change in the phase of the current, and a variety of other customer requirements. There are essentially thousands of applications for Custom Transformers ranging from Aerospace to Military to OEM equipment to HVAC systems. Each application is different and requires a “special” or Custom Transformer. This is where Galaxy Transformers can assist you.

Custom Transformers crafted to your specifications

Our response to a Custom Transformer request is to design and produce a transformer, coil, or a magnetic component that will provide a solution for our customer. We realize that off the shelf transformers may not work for you so you simply tell us what you need. You may call us, fax us, or email us  and we will do our best to meet all your needs.  If you need 1 unit or thousands, we will be delighted to service your needs.

Our intent is to offer a design that will be cost effective and as small as possible, yet powerful enough to meet your criteria. Typically we can knock out a new design within 2-3 days. For large volumes and even lower costs, we suggest that our engineers in China finalize the design and manufacture the product for you. In any case, if you like our pricing and design, we will do our best to have a 1st piece part for your approval within days.

High Frequency Custom Transformers are also available in a wide range of styles including:

Pot Cores, EP Cores, EE/EI/UI/U Cores, PQ Cores,
Toroidal Cores- Ferrite or Powder Iron,  ETD Cores, Ferrite Rods

Contact Galaxy Transformers

Do you have UL, CSA, TUV, or any other type of agency requirement? Special standards to be met? How about special insulation materials? Non Standard terminations? Size constraints?  Special packaging?  Is it a new application?  Are lowering your costs important to you? We’ve been through all this and helped others in the same situation. Let us see how we can help you. Galaxy Transformers takes pride in offering a solution, even suggestions on what might help you do even better.