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Custom Transformers

GFCI Coils

GROUND FAULT CIRCUIT INTERRUPTERS While the 1st version of the ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) was developed in the early ‘60s, it was in the 70’s they became more prevalent in the form of circuit breaker types. Quite unreliable due to false readings and nuisance “tripping of the circuits”, they were highly improved in the […]

About Us

About Us After spending close to 20 years servicing the transformer industry, we realized a need for a transformer company which offers custom transformers at fair pricing while maintaining excellent quality and service. Galaxy Transformers & Magnetics was formed in January of 1998 with the acquisition of Southeastern Transformer in Miramar, Florida. In 1999, Galaxy relocated […]

China Locations

China Locations To accommodate a growing need for low cost transformers, Galaxy Transformers has moved much of their mass production, toroidal, and large KVA transformers to their partnering facilities in China.   Galaxy Transformers utilizes several facilities in order to best appease their customer’s unique demands. Each facility specializes in certain designs/transformer types which allows Galaxy Transformers […]



Autotransformers An Autotransformer, aka an Autoformer by many, performs the same functions as a regular transformer. However, unlike a regular power transformer which has two coils, an Autotransformer has only one coil. This one coil has the Primary (Input) winding and the Secondary (Output) winding connected to each other. Autotransformers do not isolate the two […]

Chokes & Inductors

Chokes and Inductors are the same type of magnetic devices, typically a single wound transformer that reduces line voltage without experiencing a large amount of power loss.


Coils All the Custom Coils we wind are made in accordance to a customers design and plans. In most cases a coil form must be tooled. Typically the volume justifies the cost of tooling however, with our China locations and contacts we can easily save our customers money. While many coils are open with just a tape […]

Custom Transformers

The need for Custom Transformers is widespread. Each application is different and requires a “special” or Custom Transformer.

Large KVA Transformers

Dry Type Large KVA Transformers For your large power conversion transformers, distribution transformers, custom power convertors, invertors, please consider Galaxy Transformer and Magnetics! As a custom manufacturer of all types of transformers, Galaxy Transformers has signed a distribution deal with one of the largest, most competitive manufacturers of large KVA transformers in the world.  Galaxy […]

3 phase and power transformers

Power Transformers

Power Transformers Power transformers are used to increase or decrease the available line voltage to meet required power for a particular item. Power Transformers are typically constructed using EI laminations, toroid cores, ferrite cores, or cut cores. Power Transformers are the most widely used of all transformers and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes; […]

Toroidal Transformers

Toroidal transformers (Toroids) have become increasingly popular due to stricter efficiency standards. A toroidal transformer with a 100% load is close to 90% efficient compared to laminated transformers at 80% efficient.

As a Custom Transformer manufacturer, Galaxy Transformers prides itself in its ability to manufacture any type of transformer up to 1500KVA in size. Other custom transformers manufactured by Galaxy Transformer include PC Mount Transformers, Isolation Transformers, Audio Transformers, Control Transformers, Filament Transformers, 3 Phase Transformers, Current Transformers, Switching Power Transformers, Step Down Transformers, Step Up Transformers, Gate Drive Transformers and High Frequency Transformers. Don’t see what your looking for? Galaxy Transformers is fortunate to have experience with thousands of designs; just because we have not listed a particular design/style, doesn’t mean it is not within our capabilities.